Our Partners

Little Portion Farm would not exist without the generous support of our partners, Mary’s Land Farm and the Franciscan Center of Baltimore. These organizations play distinct yet integral roles in our mission to “hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.”

A few miles down the road from Little Portion Farm is Mary’s Land Farm, an organization that seeks to go “beyond organic” by employing agricultural practices that respect the integrity and interconnectedness of creation. Mary’s Land Farm supports our work both tangibly by helping plant cover crops and sharing equipment, and intangibly by sharing their expertise and serving as an inspiration for how to care for the earth as we farm. 

The Franciscan Center of Baltimore is the recipient of the food harvested from Little Portion Farm. The Center’s hot meal program, which serves hundreds of people everyday in Baltimore, will use food harvested from Little Portion Farm. Some fresh produce may also be donated directly to clients through the Center’s grocery distribution program. In addition to these direct service programs, the Franciscan Center offers numerous services to people who are economically disadvantaged, including counseling, eviction prevention, health screenings, utility assistance, computer classes, and job training, among others. Through this work they carry out a fundamental piece of Little Portion Farm’s mission to serve the poor.